The Arcanist`s specialty skill card Deck lostark

The Arcanist`s specialty skill card Deck lostark

Normal Skills aren't anything fancy however, they are able to deal damage and can build up a distinct card Deck meter. The skills of Stacking and Ruin however, are what makes the Arcanist different. Skills that stack will create four stacks of stacks that can be stacked on an opponent's target. If the Ruin skill strikes that area, all stacks will be consumed, resulting in the potential for huge damage.

The Arcanist's specialty skill card Deck, allows her drawing random decks of cards which can be used to accomplish various effects that range from giving an increase attack speed to making each attack have a greater likelihood of being a crucial strike. The players can keep two drawn cards at the same time, which can be utilized as they see suitable, leading to some potential devastating combos.

Two class-specific engravings are available to players to choose from. Order of the Empire puts the emphasis on Normal abilities and Cards Deck mechanic by giving Normal attacks additional damage and Card Deck building up meter. It also adds an extremely powerful card, the Emperor to the deck of the arcanist. The class's second engraving, Empress's Grace, is specifically designed to use arcanist's Stack and Ruin mechanics for greater amounts of damage.

To those who want for a chance to give the Arcanist around, and are at Punika as part of the narrative The Punika Powerpass that boosts the level of an item's power up by 1,302 points will be announced on July 20 along with an Express Event for item level 1,302 characters, allowing them to advance to 1,370 item level.

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