I`m sure I`m the greatest overall ability mut 23

I`m sure I`m the greatest overall ability mut 23

I'm sure I'm the greatest overall ability, you know -- I'm a tight end with all-round abilities like Rob Gronkowski, who can block, catch, make plays. Just like Jimmy Graham, I can play out and catch slants from anywhere on the field. And like Kellen Winslow Sr. who was a playmaker. Once your ball falls into your hands I find the end zone.

Now that you have evaluated yourself Are there areas which you feel you must work on?

It is my opinion that I should improve in all areas. Improving on my route running capabilities, I'll need to increase my consistency at the pad level in blocking and also the technique. Yes, I need to make improvements on everything in order to be the person I would like to be in the future.

When you think back to the combine It was difficult to believe at the last minute that you weren't going to be able for the workout?

Yeah, because you work really hard for two to three months, and you're eager to show everyone how fast you're at, then suddenly, they tell you that they should not. So yeah, it was a bit disappointing However, I'm sure the doctors were watching for me and I'm grateful for that. As I reflect back on it I'm glad I didn't get injured because you never know what might be the result of guys not taking care of themselves.

What was your immediate reaction upon hearing about the news?

My immediate reaction was 'you should let me run because I've practiced on it and I've played with it throughout the year, so it's not breaking today.'

What was it as you talked to teams from Indianapolis?

It was enjoyable, and it was an exciting time. There's only 15 minutes in a group before a blowhorn sounds, so that was a lot of fun. The way it works the best experience. I felt incredibly fortunate enough to be able be invited to join the gathering. I was grateful. It was an amazing experience. I will forever remember it.

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