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The Nightmare of Ashihama is located in Morytania, so you’ll need to be able to access rs 3 gold this location to participate. That’s the only restriction though.Her specific location is in the Sisterhood Sanctuary, which is right beneath the town of Slepe. You won’t actually fight her here though – not really. You actually fight her within her dreams.

You can either run to Slepe or take one of the following fast methods to get there:

Teleport to Ver Sinhaza using a Drakan’s Medallian, then run to Slepe. Teleport to Ectofuntus using an Ectophial and pay Andras 10,000 coins to row you to Slepe. Andras is located to the north of Ectofuntus.

The Nightmare Combat Strategy

Though there are no requirements (aside from access to Morytania), having all combat stats above level 85 is recommended so you don’t get decimated in one hit. We’d also recommend you have a high Prayer level, as you’ll need protection prayers to mitigate the damage.

Naturally, having decent high level gear is important too. You may well get by without all of this though, so don’t let it put you off if you want to try.

Once in the fight, there are a variety of regular and special attacks that you’ll need to watch out for so you can successfully mitigate them. Regular attacks are mitigated with the right prayers, which considerably reduce the damage they deal, though special attacks will require a different approach. Regular Attacks

Here’s how to spot the regular attacks:

Magic: The Nightmare will spin and shoot pink flower petals at a player. Ranged: The Nightmare starts twitching, with spikes appearing on her body, before flinging the spikes at a nearby player. Melee: The Nightmare will fling her arms behind her head and hit a nearby player in front of here.

So here’s the deal: experienced players recommend keeping Protect from Magic up at all times in the fight and switching to Protect from Missiles as soon as The Nightmare starts readying a Ranged attack before switching back.Why not Protect from Melee? Well, you can just back up as soon as you see it coming, as it can only hit in melee range. You’re also safe if The Nightmare isn’t facing you – basically, you can mitigate melee damage with solid positioning.

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