Cat Wong - vocal coach, mentor and consultant

Cat Wong - vocal coach, mentor and consultant

  • 29.12.2014
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Address: 925 Bethel Street, Suite 103, Honolulu 96813, Hawaii, USA
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Cat Wong is a vocal coach, mentor & consultant who has passionately served the islands since 2005.

Cat's vision is to share her passion for music and education to guide others to their greatest potential.

With a B.A. in Communication Studies and 25 years of on-and-off performing and playing with bands in California and Hawaii, she seeks to utilize her talents consulting bands & family ensembles, coaching voice-over professionals, talent show contestants, and has trained and worked with Sony Japan recording artists.

Cat has also been Master of Ceremony at Remington College graduations. co-hosted the Miss Hawaii United States Pageant, and coached talent for the Miss Narcissus Festival and Hawaii's Junior Miss. She has done voice-over work and sung in many private engagements. In addition, she has coached Ph.D. level and college-level clients in public speaking and voice-overs.

She has accumulated 8 years of training with world-class Master Instructors in vocal training, singing and development from the mainland and abroad studying methods derivative of the Bel Canto Technique. She is a former certified Speech-Level Singing (SLS) instructor. Ultimately, her self-interest is in gaining optimal results for her clients, regardless of one's experience or lack of training.

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