The Yard: This new game mode was introduced

The Yard: This new game mode was introduced

It's also the 2nd consecutive time Mahomes is on the cover in the past three years. The Chiefs signal-caller was also the cover athlete of "Madden 20."

"Madden 22" was released earlier in August on consoles. There were several significant modifications to the game. That's certainly a welcome sight, as fans have been screaming for an overhaul in the game "Madden" in recent years.

Let's get into both negatives from this latest version of one of the most popular football games in the world. I tried out on Xbox One.

Franchise Mode: This is one of the most well-known and played the most in the video games in the franchise. Franchise mode has seen numerous changes in its time, but it's not always been for the best.

It's certainly worth noting that franchise mode is quite much more involved in "Madden 22" which is an enjoyable sight to see. In the past, when you'd open your franchise, you'd have to look at your coach's desk in a chair with his tablet. It's not the case anymore, but some things are the same.

Now there's a little bit more freedom with regards to the coaching staff, like the "Franchise Staff" option that lets you advance your head coach, offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator and players' personnel. You can also earn Staff Points as well as Talent Trees by meeting certain requirements during the season. Staff points can be used to buy different growth talents for every coach. You can purchase products such as "secret remedy" to aid in the recovery of players from injuries during an entire week. It's a fascinating option.

Scouting is an area in which I would have liked to see some changes in franchise mode. There is the option of having rookies created automatically or you can download draft classes directly from Madden Community. The "Madden 22" which is a massive scouting update will be out at the time the game's initial major update launches in September. This being said I'll hold my judgement when it comes time to update scouting, but I do question why the updated scouting was not available for the initial launch.

The Yard: This new game mode was introduced in "Madden 21", and it's back to play. For those who don't know it's a kind of pickup football game where you are able to play as your own "Face of the Franchise" player in 6-on-6 game. The player is introduced as "Face of the Franchise" in "Face of the Franchise". You play in "The Yard" as part of the story mode. There's a choice between playing in "The Yard" or in the charity pick-up match with Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks the'mainstay in Hawaii or going to an occasion that takes place in New York City with Saquon Barkley. It's probably not the kind of game that you're likely to spend hours playing but it's definitely an enjoyable option if looking to get away from your typical Madden mode.

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