TREZO SP 100 Dryers-Evaporators

TREZO SP 100 Dryers-Evaporators

The first home use machine on the market that lets you steam and dry whole leaves and strips of e.g. tobacco, tea, herbs, etc. A durable steel container lets you process about 3 kg of raw material at a time at high temperature, thanks to which the drying or evaporation process takes only 10-30 minutes (depending on the target humidity parameters). It only takes a moment to change the machine’s operating mode from drying to steaming and vice versa.. By using flavours and sauces dedicated to the steaming process, it is possible to obtain unprecedented quality and taste at home.

For cutting leaves, e.g. tobacco, tea, herbs, we recommend TREZO manual and electric small cutting machines from the EKO and 100 series and larger models 160, 180 and Guillotines.

Technical data: - Internal dimensions of the refill container: length 59 cm, width 39 cm, height 21 cm - 230V power supply- free-standing device


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