It`s a skill that can give you one very particular ability

It`s a skill that can give you one very particular ability

To select the ideal person for the fight, you should look for someone with a combat level similar to your own. If you'd like to have an advantage over your opponent, you can try to find someone who has lower level of strength or hitpoints. To ensure that the person you are looking for is fit for the battle, you must go to OSRS HIGHSCORES (highly recommended) and look up the name of your opponent.

Also, you should be aware of the first hit and pid. In the event that you decide to enter the arena, strive to press "attack" within the first minute the countdown has ended. When you have a chance to win first, there is a big possibility that you'll be able to get the stake.

The last point is beware of scams when betting. Most of the scams are typically committed at the Duel Arena.

Best of luck with your fight and have fun!

Are you looking to ramp in your abilities faster?

Certain abilities of the RuneScape game can be difficult to develop - it can take much time and cost lots in RS gold. However, there are some skills that can be improved much more quickly than others. Today, I'll introduce you the five most important skills of the game.


It's a skill that can give you one very particular ability. When players engage in combat they can invoke the aid of the Runescape gods. As you progress in your skill as a player it gives you accessibility to different prayers. New prayers refer to new gods, and new gods represent new and more effective help from them.

Prayer isn't very difficult to develop. However, it will cost a lot of gold when you wish to enhance this skill quicker.

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