People who aren`t able to get access to RS

People who aren`t able to get access to RS

Beginning at Level 85. OSRS Gold  you can cast String Jewellery. Each amulet produced gives you 4 crafting experience and an 83-magic experience. Once you click, it will strung each OSRS Gold amulet, one by one from your inventory providing you with points for each string of amulet. Using a mud battlestaff is suggested, since it has endless Earth Runes and Water so you'll need just 2 astral runes per move.

If you only pay attention half-heartedly The spell can give more than 130k of experience per hour or about 1.500 casts. This can be as high as 160k experiences per hour or around 1900-2000 casts when full concentration is given.

Prices are different, but one commonly used item to utilize this method is Gold Amulet(U). Level 80 to Level 99 with this method at current prices will cost around 40M GP. An acceptable price for an extremely important 99. In my opinion.

Lay out Make (86+)

Beginning at level 86. you'll be able to perform at level 86. you can cast the Plank Make spell. You'll also need to be able to complete this Dream Mentor quest. With a good concentration level players can earn 166.000 experience per hour, and using mahogany planks may even yield slight amounts of earnings. It is important to note that this technique is much longer and laborious as it is necessary to apply the spell to every log on your own, which is not the case with the method used for casting the String Jewellery spell. This is a good method for players who want to get a decent amount of XP at no cost (or even a small profit).


Killing maniacal monkeys with Ice Burst or Ice Barrage on Ape Atoll is the most efficient method to learn Magic during the gameplay. This requires Ancient Magicks and having started chapter II. The quest Monkey Madness II. Maniacal monkeys usually drop one-dose prayer potions which can negate the cost of using the Protect from Melee.

People who aren't able to get access to maniacal animals can also burst skeletal monkeys the Ape Atoll Dungeon, however it's slower and more costly than maniacal monkeys.

This method can give the player 315.000 Magic experience per hour in the case of Ice Burst, and 410.000 hours of experience for each hour of Ice Barrage. The page devoted to maniacal monkey strategies provides information on equipment and suggested inventory OSRS Gold For Sale setups.

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