Madden NFL 23 is currently introducing a brand-new game mode

Madden NFL 23 is currently introducing a brand-new game mode

For all those interested, here is an guide we did this past year on how salary cap improved in Madden NFL 23. We are including the chart from that article below that shows the salary cap rises year over year in Madden NFL 23. You can see over that at Madden NFL 23, the salary cap goes from $200 million to $229 million by year 7 and then it pretty much flattens out. In Madden NFL 23, that will go from a salary cap in year 1 of $210 million to a salary cap in year 7 of $269 million.

We do not know yet precisely how the salary cap rises will be distributed year over year, but we expect it to be somewhat similiar to how it's been managed in past Madden games together with the bulk of the salary cap rises coming in years 2 and 3 and then it slowly leveling off then. This information comes from a Madden developer on Twitter.

In case you have star players you want to resign early on, you still have to be somewhat alert to the salary cap, but you'll have a little more wiggle room than you have experienced previous Madden games. How do you feel about the growth in salary cap space in Madden NFL 23 franchise style? Does this affect the teams you are considering for your franchise?

Madden NFL 23 The Yard hands-on preview

Madden NFL 23 is currently introducing a brand-new game mode. Titled The Yard, this mode is heavily inspired by the casual sport of backyard football. I had the opportunity to go hands-on with The Yard also interview the developers behind it.

The Yard is essentially a scaled-down model of Madden with a concentration on exciting minutes and big plays. Games consists of generally last between 5-10 minutes and groups of 6. True to the nature of backyard soccer, players will play either side of the ball, swapping after each possession between offense and defense. Both teams have three possessions, with the higher scoring group after 6 rounds.

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