When trying to get into game play in MyCareer

When trying to get into game play in MyCareer

Most of the on-court improvements and off-court activities within NBA 2K23 make for great playability and enjoyment, especially the new seasonal quest features, which give players ample incentive to play the various modes, including head-to-head games.

The one drawback is the huge size of these two hubs. Each of them The City on current-gen and The Neighborhood (a gigantic cruise ship) on previous-gen are packed with things to do. However, these activities are also stretched over an unneededly vast area.

With the addition of a bike or skateboard players will spend just all of their time exploring The City as they do playing basketball, and while the two hubs at least are attractive but it's an unnecessary loss of time.

The fun of NBA 2K23 doesn't stop with MyCareer. There are new tweaks to MyTeam featuring the badge system that can be applied to cards similar to the badges within the other 2K modes to create a wider selection of lineups and game styles. The changes also apply to Unlimited as well as Limited Competitive modes.

A brand new Draft mode, as well as an overhauled version of The 100. Unfortunately, all of these modes appear to be sloppy and don't add some new excitement to the table of competitive play. It's also mainly in these areas that the microtransactions are included in NBA 2K23 really show.

When trying to get into game play in MyCareer without spending money can be a challenge, NBA games and games can give at a minimum an immediate boost to the undertaking if it is done properly. In MyTeam, the lack of depth in the competitive mode makes competing against players who have spent money on packs harder, and makes single-player modes more appealing.

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