North Vern is a largely passive continent of Lost Ark

North Vern is a largely passive continent of Lost Ark

 The concept of gender-locked classes caused the game to come under fire from gamers and critics and has been an issue of great concern for those who watch. Many have claimed that the issues in "Lost Ark" are indicative of continuing problems with sexism in video games as a whole.

With the exception of some roles within "Lost Ark" being gender-blocked, others have complained about the game's having female characters "revealing" and sexually explicit armor and clothing, especially on the character choices and menu screens. After the controversy was raised, Amazon Games has released a statement detailing how it intends to respond to players' critiques of "LostArk."

Amazon Games' franchise lead Soomin Park has confirmed that "Lost Ark" will incorporate a few changes to address the concerns of players. in an interview to Eurogamer, Park said that although the game will retain the original female character's outfit options, additional options will be added to counterbalance the more dangerous pieces.

"As for armor sets, though we're not altering any of the costumes that were used in the game we are making adjustments so that more obvious options won't be front and prominent in our marketing , or even the initial character creation screen." Park told Eurogamer.Lost Ark: All North Vern Monster Locations

You can be fooled early into thinking North Vern is a largely passive continent of Lost Ark. It is a series of villages and towns that offer an abundance of intrigue but little action. Once you've gotten past Rania Village, things and it's time to talk about monsters - begin to get real.While Paladins are usually brought in Raids during Lost Ark as support, giving buffs, shields and healing However, in Chaos Dungeons they're capable of take on the game with the right strategy.

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