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Address: Naracoorte South, Australia, Australia
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We offer great deals on IGET Bar grape ice flavoured puffs, you can avail of the benefit by visiting our website and ordering the best vapes.

The IGET Bar is our top vape model, holding an impressive 12mL of E-liquid to provide an exceptional 3500 puffs. Powered by a 1500mAh battery, you have reached the absolute pinnacle of disposable vaping. The Bar is unlike other models, this is a highly sought after vape by advanced vapers who value it’s exceptional quality and premium build. Enjoy the Bar’s comfortable mouthpiece and compact size, which will fit easily in your pocket or handbag.


1 x IGET Bar Disposable Vape sealed in airtight wrapping and box
3500 ~ Puffs
12mL E-Liquid
1500mAh ready to use from the box no need to recharge
Easy to grip design perfect form for any sized hand
Simple draw fire activation
Large variety of flavours


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