Chinese pole, Swinging Pole, Circus Pole, Rubber Pole, Pole dance

Chinese pole, Swinging Pole, Circus Pole, Rubber Pole, Pole dance

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Price: 5000
Address: per. Moskovskiy 2b, kv.3
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Chinese pole, Swinging Pole, Circus Pole, demountable 3 pieces by:  Profi-Pole We produce circus props for artists all over the world.


We Ship worldwide for entertainers. We produce and sell mostly our own designs and those are made in our own manufacturer. We like to do custom projects. We are proud to say that our list of clients includes circus artists all around the world.


  • Fully collapsible into 3 pieces rubber pole that can be taken in the plane
  • Vulcanized rubber covering for the ideal pole grip
  • The Rubber is cooked onto the pole. This is the best quality you can get as covering goes.

 Comes with: 

  •  Key for assembly 
  •  Ready to use, you only need to rig it somewhere!
  •  Instruction manual on how to rig it, prepare it and maintain it
  •  The required Engineer approval for theater and insurance.

Technical specifications :

  • Approved Working Load( including dynamic charges ): 250 kg
  • Breaking load = 1325 Kg Minimum
  • For use with 2 persons with dynamic motions
  • 3.0 m pole
  • Grip Size: 45mm including rubber
  • 3 sections
  • Material Steel pole, Rubber Covering, Galavanised steel hoist ring.  



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