The Washington Commanders had a lot of surprises

The Washington Commanders had a lot of surprises

Cameron Jordan is not only the highest-rated left defensive end, he's currently the only left defensive end on this list. Jordan has solidified his spot on this list by making seven Pro Bowl in his career so far; the last five have all been consecutive.

Getting sacks is a bit of a tall order as a left end since right-handed quarterbacks will have the player in their vision the entire time. That hasn't stopped Jordan at all, registering at least eight sacks per year since 2022. When players get Super Bowl titles with different teams, they're usually more than just a role player. 

Von Miller proved that he can still be among the best after his Super Bowl MVP performance with the Broncos. The Rams were grateful for his pressure. Now he's with a third contender hoping to stack the odds in their favor. If they get a full-strength Von Miller, the Buffalo Bills will be the favorites to win the Super Bowl, even with a loaded AFC.

The Washington Commanders had a lot of surprises last year, almost all of the were bad. Between the injuries and stars failing to live up to expectations, very little worked out in their favor. Jonathan Allen was a colossal exception to the bad luck.


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