Yes monster densitie feels a little higher DaD

Yes monster densitie feels a little higher DaD

Yes monster densitie feels a little higher but they also move more allowing you to a bunch of times sneak bye if you dont wanna fight and as mentioned are Less persistent.

as for you Saying Players are gonna leave the game. First playtest had quite few people playing it. second one had a bunch more and startet growing quite quick. next one agein had even more and keeps growing.

I mean people had acces to the game for more then a month in total and Numbers keep growing with most people being Very dedicatet and no lifing the game so people probably having hundreds of ours in it bye now realy does not lend itself to the argument of a people are gonna tire of it and have bad memories of the game. what? goblins literally 2 shot or 1 shot. They literally can 1 tap you. He is probably judging from a base level 1 character with no healing items perspective. And he is right. A large amount of the game is not accessible to certain classes level 1 without large amounts of kiting, mob pulling, dancing, and 1 per dungeon ability usages. Certain mobs like archers (skeleton or goblin) simply 1 tap you and have aimbot so you literally cannot enter certain rooms on certain classes. Fighters level 1 struggle vs archers that shoot your head when your shield should block it (they change their aim last milisecond and always aim over or under the shield even if you look at the sky doing a limbo).

The game, much like escape from tarkov, REQUIRES you to learn the map via 3rd party or repetitive dying. You literally cannot see half the wall spikes until you are spiked. You die in 1 or 2 hits via mobs or traps and certain classes need 10 head shots, or 20 not headshots per mob. The fapdoodles lets you know about portals, but it would take a large amount of time investment to understand when/how/why they spawn, the ring, and the timing. None of which you would understand if you can't even escape the first room.If you want to learn more about Dark And Darker,please vist mmoexp


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