Home Appliances Service

Home Appliances Service

  • 30.12.2019
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Address: Tauroggener Straße 7 10589 Berlin, Germany
Phone: [after registration]
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Household appliances are indispensable and it is particularly annoying when one suddenly, unexpectedly breaks down. Buying a new appliance is not always possible or you simply hang on to your electrical appliance and would like to use it for a few more years. In the Berlin area and surroundings you can be helped quickly in such a case.

The Household Appliances Repair Berlin is on the market for many years. No matter which electrical appliance it may be, competent specialists come to your home and look at your defective appliance. The advantage of Haushaltsgeräte Reparatur Berlin is that you only have to pay the travel costs. These amount to only 5.00 Euro in the Berlin area and only 9.00 Euro in the surrounding area. After a technician has taken a close look at your household appliance, he will give you a cost estimate. You now decide whether you want to have the appliance repaired. It is absolutely irrelevant whether your appliance is a refrigerator, a washing machine or any other electrical appliance.

The Kraft repair service flexibly repairs your appliances. Not only during the week, but also on weekends or holidays. A trustworthy service provider should look at your defect, because trust is a prerequisite that must be given. The Kraft repair service is also happy to service your household appliances at regular intervals. So you are always safe from surprised defects. Tips for care and operation of your appliance are of course part of the service. Defects can often be traced back to incorrect handling. The Household Appliances Repair Berlin would like to avoid defects as far as possible and provides support in this regard. 


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