Malta Study Visa, Requirements, Application & Guidelines | Sunlandedu

Malta Study Visa, Requirements, Application & Guidelines | Sunlandedu

  • 31.12.2019
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Malta is one of the world’s smallest countries that offer a highly affordable cost of living including food, transportation, and tuition fees. Malta is a Southern European island comprising of a group of islands in the Mediterranean Sea. This vibrant country is well known for its modern and lovely beaches, a calm environment, and sunny weather.  Malta offers a high-rated education system based on the British model. Many students prefer Malta as a perfect location to research or get a Ph.D. in various fields including History, Diplomacy, Economics and Marine studies.  Requirements for MALTA STUDY VISA :- Eligibility: 1) Academic- 10th/12th/ Bachelors/Masters (Pass Documents Required) 2) IELTS recommended but not mandatory Courses Available: Business Management  - Diploma in Business Management (MQF Levels 4, 5 and 6)  - BA (Hons) Business & Management (MQF Level 6) - Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership (MQF Level 7) - MBA - Master in Business Administration (MQF Level 7) 

Accounting and Finance - Diploma in Accounting and Business (MQF Levels 4,5 and 6) - Diploma in Accounting and Finance (MQF Level 7)  - MSc Accounting and Finance (MQF Level 7) 

Information Technology - Diploma in Information Technology (MQF Levels 4, 5 and 6)

Tourism & Hospitality Management - Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management (MQF Levels 4,5, 6 and 7) Intake: FEB / April | May | July | August | September | December Step 1 : Offer Letter will be issued within 2 working days at no fee upon  Providing the following documents 

·Application form  ·Academic Documents  ·Passport  ·IELTS (If available) - BUT ITS NOT REQUIRED 

Step 2: Offer Acceptance:

Student will have to make payment of EUR 200 by direct transfer or credit card to reserve the seat for the Intake. This amount will be non-refundable.

Stage 3: Official Letter Of Acceptance/Visa Documents

Bank draft of Euro 7500 OR

Original Course acceptance letter along with visa related documents (Accommodation letter, invoice/Receipt of tuition fee, declaration from the college) will be issued and sent by courier to the student/agency.

If student visa is declined, the same bank draft will be returned back to the student/agency as full refund of tuition fee (Euro 7500) subject to providing the visa decline letter from the embassy. NOTE : THE GAP IS ACCEPTABLE . Malta offers interesting opportunities for students to work after graduation. They might look for jobs in the hospitality and other industries to add value to their resume. All students who are looking for Malta Student Visa in India are recommended to contact their preferred university authorities regarding career opportunities and work visa requirements. Apply for a Malta Study Visa in Chandigarh, Punjab India.If you want your STudy study visa for Malta simply call us for assistance. Welcomes all those students who wish to apply for a Malta Study Study Visa in Chandigarh,Punjab India and looking for expert guidance and support to satisfy all entry requirements and procedures for Malta Study/Student Visa. Please feel free to Contact US at ☎    +91 98146 10782 / +91 95014 43322, we will be happy to give you the right guidance.


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