Fast rs 3 gold with Free for you to Join RS3 Wintumber Warmer Event Jan.10

Fast rs 3 gold with Free for you to Join RS3 Wintumber Warmer Event Jan.10

Gather 'round, gather 'round, the Wintumber Warmer celebrations are here!Partake in the revitalisation of an ancient Gielinorian tradition, bring warmth in Lumbridge Crater and get rewarded with bonus XP! New event RS3 Wintumber Warmer has been active in-game now and will run until Jan. 6th. During this event, players can buy rs3 gold and enjoy the bonfire with 10% XP boost in some activities.

RS Bonfire Event

The Wintumber Warmer RS3 is a new event in the Lumbridge Crater, running from January 2 to January 6, 2020. During this event, you can find Victor north of the bonfire and enjoy the following benefits: -25% Firemaking XP boost when using logs -10% Firemaking XP boost for cremation -Permanent bonfire as if it is used by 5 people for XP boosting purposes in addition to the 25% boost -Logs saving when burning, including protean logs -Increased chances of fire spirits appearing -The bonfire life point boost, always lasting for the full 66 minutes

10% XP boost

During the Wintumber Warmer event, you can also participate in Poi Dancing, Lantern Building, Fire Breathing and Spirit Summoning for a 10% XP boost. You can find Sera, Emmett, Chad, and Evey can around the crater for the following experience boost:

-Fire dancing hosted by Emmet, granting Agility XP -Fire breathing hosted by Sera, granting Herblore XP -Lantern constructing hosted by Chad, granting Construction XP -Summoning spirits hosted by Evey, granting Summoning XP

Gain RS fire stone & other items

You are able to obtain some Wintumber items as a drop while skilling during the Wintumber Warmer event. After obtaining these items, you can turn in them to the respective circus members for rewards.

Fire breathing solution (to Sera) Fire stone (to Evey) Firewood (to Chad) Fire poi (to Emmet)

In addition, 2 bank chests can be found in the north-western and north-eastern corners.Have you participated in RS bonfire event for the experience boosts? Head there to take part in the festivities! Anyway, we offer safe and cheap rs3 gold for sale with high security all the time.

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