Some Guide and Up to 9% off rs3 gold for you to Complete OSRS Fishing Contest Quest

Some Guide and Up to 9% off rs3 gold for you to Complete OSRS Fishing Contest Quest

Husks: Husks are basically small versions of The Nightmare that deal melee damage to the nearest player. These spawn at random, and freeze the player being attacked in place until destroyed.

Flower Power: The arena is divided into four quadrants, with only one being safe as indicated by flowers. If you’re not standing in the safe runescape gold quadrant, you’ll take damage over time and your attacks will heal The Nightmare instead of damage her.

Grasping Claws: The Nightmare spawns black portals around the arena and will damage any player standing on them.Sleepwalkers: The Nightmare summons Sleepwalkers who shuffle towards her. She will deal huge damage to all players in the arena, with the number growing depending on the number of Sleepwalkers left by the time the attack hits.

Curse: The Nightmare shuffles your protection prayers by one to the right. Parasites: The Nightmare occasionally chucks out a parasite at a random player, and will grow over time and before bursting out of the player, dealing damage and healing The Nightmare until killed. You can weaken the parasite with a Sanfew Serum or Relicym’s Balm before it bursts out. Teleport Charge: The Nightmare teleports to one corner or the room then charges to the opposite, dealing damage to anyone caught in her path. Spores: Spores spawn around the arena, exploding if a player gets near it. It disables your run and reduces your attack speed temporarily.

Attack Phases

The Nightmare combat encounter is made up of three different phases, during which she will use different special attacks and you’ll have to focus on various different goals to win.

Here’s a breakdown of the different phases:

First: Attack The Nightmare until its shield dissipates then charge up the four totems by attacking them. The Nightmare will use her melee, magic, and ranged attacks as well as Flower Power, Grasping Claws, and Husks during this phase. Second: Destroy as many Sleepwalkers as you can during the beginning of this phase to mitigate damage from the blast then attack The Nightmare until its shield is down. Charge the totems as before to deal damage to The Nightmare. Her special attacks this round include Parasites, Curse, Grasping Claws. Third: This round is the same as the second. Attack the Sleepwalkers, take down the shield, and charge the totems. The Nightmare will use Spores, Teleport Charge, and Grasping Claws.

The Nightmare will drop Big Bones, a wide variety of Runes, ammunition, resources, consumables, and gold, and the following rare rewards:

Nightmare Staff Eldritch Orb Harmonised Orb Volatile Orb Inquisitor’s Mace Inquisitor’s Great Helm Inquisitor’s Hauberk Inquisitor’s Plateskirt Clue Scroll (hard and elite) Jar of Dreams Little Nightmare

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