Happy to buy wow classic gold with Up to 9% off for WoW Classic Phase 3 Till Mar 4

Happy to buy wow classic gold with Up to 9% off for WoW Classic Phase 3 Till Mar 4

WoW Classic players don't have that much time to wait until Phase 3.This will unlock access to beloved PvE features. The second 40-player raid is coming. Blackwing Lair will allow players to do what they do wow classic gold cheap best: defeat monsters and earn rewards. The raid features eight bosses ending with Nefarian. He is the oldest son of Deathwing, the dragon that almost destroyed Azeroth in the Cataclysm expansion. Players have the chance of stepping into his lair to see what he is up to.

Spoiler: it's no good. Nefarian experimented with the eggs of different dragons and created some horrific creatures. You will have to defeat seven bosses before getting to him. And before that, you will need to complete the attunement quest that unlocks access to this raid. The quest is called Blackhand's Command. The quest was released on January 10th so players can work on it before the raid goes live. The attunement requires you to obtain an item that starts the quest. It takes place inside Blackrock Mountain. You will need to go to Upper Blackrock Spire and most likely defeat the last boss General Drakkisath. The quest requires players to use the item behind the general. Killing him is not a quest requirement but he is in the way and he drops nice loot.

Darkmoon Faire is also coming in Phase 3. Veteran players have the chance to re-play the original version of this world event and new players get to see how it was in the beginning. Starting February 7th, you will see event NPCs in Ironforge and Orgrimmar advertising the fair which will become available three days later. Those interested in checking out this mysterious and exotic event are invited to head to Elwynn Forest and Mulgore. Starting February 5th, the Darkmoon Cards are part of the monsters' loot tables. There are several card sets to collect and turn in for a reward. Phase 3 also brings level 50 class quests and more reputation rewards. If you are at least level 50, go visit your class trainer and take the quest. As a reward, you get to choose from three items. The reputation rewards from Patch 1.6 and 1.7 in WoW Vanilla for several factions will be available in Classic as well. If you are revered with the Hydraxian Waterlords and have completed Hands of the Enemy, Duke Hydraxis will give you Eternal Quintessence items.

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