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You can start this quest by talking to the Monk near the Zamorak church on the path towards Canifis (east of Varrock) on the Salve River. He will ask you to bring rs3 gold a Mithril 2-Handed Sword to Doric's place, and thin it down so you can string it.

Devious Minds - Doric's Whetstone Once you get to Doric's place (north of Falador), you can make a Mithril 2-Handed Sword if you don't already have one, and use it on Doric's Whetstone. It will become a thin-blade, now use a string with it to make a Bow-Sword (this cannot be wielded). Note: Mithril 2H swords can be smithed using the Smithing skill. To do so, take three mithril bars and a hammer to an anvil of your choice. Doric's anvil is recommended seeing as you're going to have to go there afterwards anyways. You can also buy one from the 2H sword shop in Taverley. Now head back to the monk and give him the Bow-Sword you made. He will thank you then ask you to do him a little favor. You have to smuggle the orb onto Entrana. Devious Minds - I just need you to make a delivery to entrana for me.Get your Large Pouch and use it to conceal the orb. Now you need to head to Entrana, but because you're carrying a pouch, you can't take the boat. Instead, you must travel by way of the Law Rift in the Abyssal Space. And of course, you can't bring any weapons or armor! Once on the island, go to the altar in the main building, use the concealed orb on the altar. Your pouch will disappear, and then there will be a cutscene of an Assassin killing the monks and stealing the 'relic.' Devious Minds - A Ninja!

You need to head back to the Monk from the beginning. Upon finding him you will see that he was killed "by some powerful magic." Devious Minds - Search Dead Monk

Devious Minds - The poor guy appears to have been killed by powerful magic!Head to Entrana and inform the Head Monk. He will tell you to inform Sir Tiffy Cashien of this. Sir Tiffy can be found in Falador Park.Once you tell him about what has happened, you're finished with the quest!

Required Skills: 50 Fletching, 50 Runecrafting, 65 Smithing Quests: Doric's Quest, Troll Stronghold, Wanted! Items: 1x Bow String, 1x Large Pouch, 1x Mithril 2h Sword Recommended Skills: None. Quests: None. Items: Falador Teleport method

Quest Walkthrough

Getting Started

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