Professional Store to buy wow classic gold with Up to 9% off for WOW Classic Blackwing Lair

Professional Store to buy wow classic gold with Up to 9% off for WOW Classic Blackwing Lair

World of Warcraft Classic added a series of new content in the latest update, one of the most typical is the opening of Blackwing Lair, a 40-player raid dungeon.The players are required to Buy wow classic gold cheap and go deeply into the Blackrock Mountain to deal with the scheming Nefarian, who is the son of the infamous Deathwing. Surely, he will be the new challenge for the players of Azeroth.

Since Nefarian is good at experimenting with the blood of the Dragon Flights to create unstoppable warriors, there are seven powerful bosses in the raid, only after defeating all of them can the players approach the Black Dragon, and end Nefarian's bid for dominance.

After clearing the Blackwing Lair raid in WOW Classic, the players can be allowed to complete the Tier 2 armor sets and receive the powerful eight-piece bonuses, letting everyone know that you have conquered Blackwing Lair.

Beyond these reputation rewards, the players can also lead into the dark passages of the Temple of Atal'Hakkar to complete deeper quests.

It can be imagined how difficult to complete the challenges, but it is incredible that the first one to clear the Blackwing Lair only spent 42 minutes and 21 seconds from Firemaw realm and Calamity.

Following with the Blackwing Lair raid, there are some regular quests to add in WOW Classic. The players who are above level 50 can go to any major city and be sent to the Temple of Atal'Hakkar, once completing the required challenges, everyone can gain several rewards including three raid items, the Argent Dawn, Timbermaw Hold, Thorium Brotherhood, Silverwing Sentinels and so on.

Be careful, there is no easy boss in the raid, only hard or harder. What's more serious is that these bosses will always attack players in new and more difficult ways, and as the game time increase, the bosses you encounter will become more and more difficult to defeat, which may cost you a lot of time and magic. is selling all items related WOW Classic, weapons, equipment and the most frequently used WOW Classic Gold. With them, you don't have to work hard to farm or grind, and even let you quickly occupy the main position in the game.

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