Families Photos by Charlotte Broster Photography

Families Photos by Charlotte Broster Photography

  • 28.12.2014
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Address: Eversley Hampshire RG27 0NF, United Kingdom
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Charlotte Broster is a gifted family photographer with a very natural ability to relax everyone – toddlers, teenagers, grandparents whatever their age!

She has captured hundreds of special family portraits which are now hanging proudly in homes throughout Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey and beyond.

Charlotte has captured family portraits in a studio environment for many years, and is very at home with a backdrop and flashing lights. She either brings the studio to your home, or invites you to ‘The Kingsley’ studio in Eversley.

Charlotte is also at home in the great outdoors, and enjoys capturing families in a special place such as a park, amongst the autumn leaves, spring bluebells and summer sun. You may have a location in mind, or Charlotte, thanks to years of experience, can recommend somewhere particularly suitable for family photography.

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