Don`t forget to buy rs gold with Up to $10 Cash Coupons for Runescape Archaeology

Don`t forget to buy rs gold with Up to $10 Cash Coupons for Runescape Archaeology

Archaeology is a skill currently planned to be released on 30 March 2020. It will be RuneScape's 28th skill and will have a maximum level of 120 with a normal experience curve, not being an elite skill and will be available up to level 20 for free-to-play players. Upon its release, there will be a six-month embargo on players being able to use bonus experience, experience lamps, and other boosts to train the skill. For purposes of the Completionist Cape, getting level 120 (but not level 99) in Archaeology will have a six-month grace period.

Now! RuneScape developer Jagex has confirmed the release date for their long awaited Archaeology expansion announced last year.

As you may now know, after a long stretch ripening under Gielinor’s soil with the worms and other assorted insect life, RuneScape’s newest skill, Archaeology, will finally arrive on March 30th!

The major highlight here will be the Archaeology player skill itself. For those who don’t play RuneScape, there are currently 27 skills such as Farming, Herblore, and Cooking that help define your character, each tagged with hours upon hours of content to explore.

Archaeology will bring the total up to 28 skills and when it launches in March it will have a max skill level of 120. Free to play users will be able to get their hands dirty and sample those first 20 levels which Jagex estimates at around two hours of Archaeology content.

Do you expect it to come? So get that day clear on your calendar. In fact, maybe take the week off. Or take the month off. Perhaps even take the year off, as Archaeology brings you an unprecedented amount of stuff to get stuck into!

It’s been a long, long process getting this skill to the point where we’re both happy with it and really, really excited. In terms of scale, Archaeology is large enough to be classed as an expansion. It’s also the first new skill in RuneScape since January 2016. Don't forget to buy the cheapest runescape gold from RS3gold. We also have a full stock of RS gold just waiting for you.Our prices are adjusted in real time according to the market changes. RS3gold provides 100% satisfaction for all your RS gold orders. We have a secure, fast, and best-priced buying process. If you have any questions or concerns, reach over via our 24/7 active Live Chat.

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