Cat Wong Studio in downtown Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Cat Wong Studio in downtown Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

  • 29.12.2014
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Address: 925 Bethel Street, Suite 103, Honolulu 96813, Hawaii, USA
Phone: [after registration]
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Cat Wong Studio in downtown Honolulu (nestled in Chinatown, 5 min from Aloha Tower) provides quality voice instruction and coaching to people of all ages, levels, and musical styles.

Grounded in a method derived from the Bel Canto approach, Cat offers a vocal technique that will enhance a singer's performance and offers effective tools to address common vocal challenges.

Whether a beginner or advanced, vocal coaching will give you valuable feedback to improve and enhance the quality of singer you are or hope to be. Studio also provides coaching for voice-over work and those seeking to improve their public speaking.

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