Join in the New RS Zodi-Yak Track event for cheap runescape gold with Half Price Apr 3

Join in the New RS Zodi-Yak Track event for cheap runescape gold with Half Price Apr 3

Happy everyone! Today’s horoscope suggests that there might be a special someone in your future, with long, luscious hair, a strong, calming presence and – yes, we’re reading this correctly – a giant telescope mounted on their back. It’s the Zodi-yak, and he’s here to take you on a trip through the cosmos: a new Yak Track!

Have you taken part in RS Zodi-Yak Track event? Here we share some requirements and notes to help you complete tasks effectively. Upon the completion, you'll earn Dioscuri Battlemage outfit, the Sheratan Mercenary Armour and more.

When you can join in RS Zodiyak Track event? RS Zodi-Yak Track is a new event running from March 23rd to May 3rd, 2020. There are 2 prize tracks (free and premium) during this event.

Requirements of RS Zodi-Yak Track Event To complete the tasks, you need to know some requirements and notes below: 1. The skill levels determine the number of things that must be done to complete a task. For example, as for free-to-play tier 2 task, player with level 99 Woodcutting needs to cut 115 willow logs or higher, but a player with level 45 Woodcutting only needs to cut 105 oak logs or higher. 2. For Cooking tasks, only successful cooking does count. 3. For Fletching tasks, you must string the bows. Carving bows and making arrows don't count. 4. For Mining tasks, coal, mithril ore, adamantite ore, luminite, runite ore, orichalcite ore, drakolith, necrite ore, phasmatite, bane ore, light animica and dark animica count, depending on the player's level and task. 5. For Smelting tasks, extra bars created and sent to the metal bank count, except gold and silver bars. 6. For Smithing tasks, one-bar projects like arrowheads are recommended to complete because the count is based on the number of projects completed not the number of bars used. 7. For Woodcutting tasks, willow logs, teak logs, maple logs, acadia logs, mahogany logs, arctic pine logs, eucalyptus logs, yew logs, magic logs, elder logs, bamboo and golden bamboo count, depending on the player's level and task.

Rewards of RS Zodi-Yak Track There are 50 tiers, and players can receive cosmetics and items for progressing through each. Ironman accounts will receive only the cosmetic rewards.

There are free and premium prizes offered, including cosmetics, consumables, weapons, rest animations and boosters. The major free prizes are Dioscuri Battlemage outfit, the Cosmic Teleport and the Ram Horns, and the main premium prizes are Cosmic Yak, the Sheratan Mercenary Armour and Cosmic Billy. If you are a Premier Club member, you can access to both reward tracks.

If tasks are completed without the premier pass and the player later gains a premier pass, all of the previous premium rewards will automatically unlock.

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