David and Kim Benitez. London`s most popular tango teachers.

David and Kim Benitez. London`s most popular tango teachers.

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Address: Locations in SOHO, BLOOMSBURY, CITY, London, UK
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David & Kim Benitez met in the home of Tango, Buenos Aires. David Benitez was born in Argentina and at the age of 18 moved to Buenos Aires to study in the most prestigious school for modern dance in the country: El Taller de San Martin.

On graduation, he performed in the famous Compañia de San Martin before joining Argentine ballet superstar, Maximiliano Guerra, as a principal dancer in his company.

Working with tango diva Mora Godoy in a tango/ballet production gave him his first taste of tango. He was soon to be dancing with world-renowned tango companies such as Tanguera, Tangokinesis and Miguel Angel Zotto’s Tango Por Dos.

However it was tango salon - the essence of tango - that won his heart and he spent time studying with the legendary Osvaldo Zotto and was privileged to be his teaching assistant.

Kim Benitez stumbled across tango in the late 1990’s in an old church hall in Camden Town. The music and movements touched her soul and she dedicated herself to studying tango as an art form.

In 2003, she moved to Buenos Aires to work full time on her tango - studying with well-known teachers and immersing herself in the culture. In 2005, fate brought David and Kim together and in 2007 they decided to make London their home, creating Tango Movement. The rest, as they say, is history.

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