Enjoy Up to $10 Off RS 3 Gold & RS 07 Gold for Easter Day 2020 Apr 11-Apr 17

Enjoy Up to $10 Off RS 3 Gold & RS 07 Gold for Easter Day 2020 Apr 11-Apr 17

On March 30, RuneScape released the 28th skill, Archaeology, providing up to 120 levels to play for free. Now that it has passed for a week, players seem to have adapted and are satisfied with the brand new skill, let's have a look at its completion degree.

Archaeology is a gathering skill integrating gathering, manufacturing and trading in RuneScape, with it, the players are required to excavate strange artefacts in the subterranean tomb, restore them and gain their powers.

Compared with other skills, Archaeology has a higher level cap with 120, and for players they can play the first 20 levels for free, obviously, RuneScape players are more excellent than expected, after playing for only 6 days, the first one to reach level 99 came out, Le Me.

Immediately afterward, L33 and Legacy of KG also reached level 99 on the same day, ranking second and third, but this is not the final result, Archaeology is a 120-level skill, when reaching level 100, the tough challenges for those excellent players really started.

In fact, Archaeology is not a good skill to create experience, Le Me just got 13,303,862 XP when reaching level 99, which is far less than other gathering skills, that is to say, it would take longer to play Archaeology for content creation.

Archaeology's major feature in the fusion of multiple skills, but it also provided the players a choice of how to train it through the diverse training options, which makes the skill well accepted.

In the special period, everyone is encouraged to stay indoors more, RuneScape players have reached its peak, and the number of online users is three times than usual, Archaeology would be the most popular skill to play.

In order to play RuneScape well, how can you get less RS Gold? As everyone needs advanced equipment to improve Archaeology skill, you need to make more investments in order not to lag behind others.

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