Acting Lessons in Park Slope, Brooklyn NY. Grace Music Studio NY

Acting Lessons in Park Slope, Brooklyn NY. Grace Music Studio NY

  • 03.01.2015
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Price: 55
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Address: New York, NY, USA
Phone: [after registration]
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Private Acting Lessons Ms. Amisano teaches audition technique for actors and singers as well as monologue coaching for theater, film and TV.  When requested, audition technique is incorporated into monologue coaching.

AUDITION TECHNIQUE The actor’s headshot and resume is reviewed and critiqued so they are presenting themselves at their best.  Exercises for relaxation, focus and posture are given so the actor enters an audition with the utmost confidence.  Appropriate audition material (monologues, scenes, etc.) is chosen and thoroughly worked through and staged (see below).

MONOLOGUE COACHING Ms. Amisano has a Master’s degree in Classical Theater (Shakespeare to Chekhov), and specializes in Classical and Contemporary monologues.  Acting lessons consist of three parts:  the first part of the lesson is spent warming up the body and doing acting exercises (improvisation and sense-and-memory); the second part is spent working on interpretation of the material with the student; the third part is spent specifically on getting pieces up on their feet (the student is acting, Ms. Amisano is directing).

Acting: $110 per hour lesson; $55 per half-hour lesson

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