Music school in Brooklyn NY. Grace Music Studio NY

Music school in Brooklyn NY. Grace Music Studio NY

  • 03.01.2015
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Price: 55
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Address: New York, NY, USA
Phone: [after registration]
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Private Piano Lessons for Beginners Ms. Amisano teaches first-year and second-year piano students.

FIRST YEAR First-year piano students learn from John Thompson’s book, “Teaching Little Fingers to Play.”  Through this book, they learn where to put their hands on the keys, basic theory (how to read music), key signatures, time signatures, clefs, note values, and simple songs that they learn to sing and play.

SECOND YEAR Second-year piano students continue to practice the basics.  They also learn scales, how to write their own music and start playing simple, hands-together classical pieces.

Adults who want to study beginning piano will follow the same course as mentioned above, but at a slightly accelerated pace.

Piano: $55 per half-hour lesson

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