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Welcome to our Shaman guide for WoW Classic. In this guide, you’ll find all the fundaments (and even some advanced) concepts relating to levelling and optimising your Shaman. We’ll be going through things such as talent builds, question zones, improving levelling times, weapon skills, Shaman stats and many more! Stay tuned as we also have tips for buying spells, getting the best levelling gear, what pieces to aim for while levelling, and so much more, or you can check out our Herbalism Guide last week. Enough waiting – let’s get into it. world of warcraft classic gold

Group Levelling

As Shaman’s have a very high utility, and increase warrior and rouge damage a lot, we recommend having them in groups so you can rely on them for their damage. When you level, enchanting is recommending for solo specialization as it lowers the Mana reliance, compared to Elemental and Restoration, and you’ll also still be able to heal while in a levelling group.

Dungeon Levelling

Dungeon Healing Rotation

You won’t be often called to heal in a dungeon, regardless of what you’re currently specced as. Don’t worry though, Shaman are able to heal any levelling dungeon, and even specific end-game ones using a baseline kit. Anyways, just make sure you bring and buy a lot of water, and you’ll need to drink a lot. Keep in mind to have a “+Healing” gear in your bags, and the gear will be very useful to when you are healing dungeons. Also, try to get Intellect and as much mana per 5 seconds as possible.

Dungeon Cleave Setup

A levelling strategy that is quite popular in the WoW Classic community is a dungeon cleave group. So, let’s quickly cover some strategies for a Shaman that may be in a cleave group. Keep in mind, this is a very fast-paced strategy. Often, groups will spend hours upon hours in a dungeon. Therefore, you’ll need to make sure that you’re are doing proper mana management. Any specialization will suffice in a dungeon, and even though you’ll be focusing on dealing damage as Enhancement or Elemental, you can still heal quite well, so don’t feel pressured to turn off some group invites if they are looking for a healer. This becomes very true as you get points into Restoration during your final 20 levels.


You should be aware that your mana should be used only for Chain Lightning and totems. And no, you won’t be doing as much damage as Warriors, but instead your buffs will help the damage a lot to compensate for it. If you’re unable to continuously drop totems such as the Wind fury Totem due to being low on mana, consider not using as many offensive spells. Also, make sure you place your totems in a strategic manner to maximize their usage by you and your group, to minimize mana consumption. A decent strategy that most players choose to do is dropping totems at the start of each engagement and using Chain Lightning once. Though you’re Enhancement, you shouldn’t put aside your ability to heal. You should be the off healer in case your group’s healer is running out of mana. You can also off-heal whenever your main healer drinks to speed up the process for your group members. Lastly, Earth Shock is very valuable for you to interrupt deadly spells, so make sure you’re using it as much as required against dangerous enemies. Keep in mind, it does cause extra threat.

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