Comedian Hypnotist The Incredible Boris

Comedian Hypnotist The Incredible Boris

  • 22.01.2015
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Address: Boris Cherniak 81 Binscarth Cres. Toronto, Ontario Canada L4J 4S7
Phone: [after registration]
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Boris Cherniak is a multiple award winning comedian hypnotist, hypnotherapist, motivational speaker, actor and author. He regularly appears on television showcasing incredible powers of hypnosis and power of positive thinking. Boris motivates and inspires.

He appears in upwards of 300 live performances a year. Boris presents a comical point of view, while leaving a lasting impression and enlightening his audiences. His stage name, Incredible Boris, describes the sentiment of every performance literally - a positive attitude and constant state of mind. Boris delivers a powerful message of limitless possibilities.

Boris brings charisma and charm to every performance. He is a comedian that presents his craft through hypnosis. Experience uncontrolled laughter during the entire performance. The hypnosis process is explained in the beginning of the show and volunteers are invited to experience the power of suggestion on stage. Participants are quickly hypnotized and get involved in a series of skits that showcase the powers of the mind.

Hilarious comedy routines are delivered tastefully, while motivational messages are woven into the presentation. Material is always fitting the moment, ensuring a memorable experience for audience and participants alike. The show is fast pace, musical and inspirational. Boris' performing career spans over 30 years. Expect perfection on stage and during the entire booking process. Every show is unique and laughter will fill the venue in the hands of a master hypnotist and skilled showman.

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