Aerial Essentials Providing Hardware For Flight

Aerial Essentials Providing Hardware For Flight

  • 17.02.2015
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Address: Los Angeles, California
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Aerial Essentials Proudly based in Los Angeles, CA Providing aerial equipment worldwide.

SAFETY, AFFORDABILITY, AND EASE OF USE! All our equipment has been tested and proven by industry professionals around the globe. We strive to maintain the lowest prices without sacrificing strength or reliability. 

FAST SHIPPING! Orders are usually processed within 24 hours and take 2-4 business days to arrive within the United States. International orders are processed within 72 hours and shipping time varies per country usually arriving within 10-14 business days.

Aerial rigging can be easy, fun, and allow you to fly in places you never thought possible! But it is a very serious and important skillset and knowledge base that cannot be taken lightly. We hope that this page will help you get started in the world of aerial rigging without giving you a false sense of safety or knowledge. Please Remember: There is NO reason to attempt an aerial rigging without the advise of an experienced and qualified rigger. Please, seek advice and help for anything you have questions about. Safety is Always your primary concern and should never be taken lightly.

We do offer teacher trainings as well as public workshops. If you are a studio owner and looking to advance the skill level of either your students, or teachers, we have exceptionally qualified instructors who would love to help with your program. We promise to provide the best instruction based on your studio, your students, their skill levels, and their needs. We do not offer one size fits all classes that don't allow you to implement our teachings into your studio. We love working with studio owners and helping them offer the best program they can.

We are usually able to process orders within 48 business hours of the initial order. Typically, lyra are shipped with FedEx ground (taking up to 5 business days within the USA), and all other apparatus, fabric and hardware are shipped with USPS Priority mail (taking only 2-3 business days). International orders typically arrive within 12-18 business days.

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