Aerial Straps for professional aerial act

Aerial Straps for professional aerial act

  • 21.02.2015
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Our straps are made with a cotton/nylon blend that is both exceptionally strong, and fabulously comfy! These are NOT your typical nylon straps that cut into your arms, nor the straight cotton tubing that holds no shape and has a breaking strength roughly half of ours.

These are not just high quality straps - they are the best aerial straps available.

Our professional straps are top of the line in construction, safety, comfort, and looks! These straps are 10 ft in total length with 7 inch hand loops and 6 inch seams They come in three vibrant colors and have hand stitched leather protectors to prevent friction burn from your attachemtn points which is common with other straps.

They are made from a cotton/nylon blend which is exceptionally strong without being uncomfortable.

TECHNICAL: Dimensions     10ft L x 2in W ; Materials     Cotton/Nylon Blend ; Weight     1lb 2oz ; Strength Rating     2400lb Tensile Strength

Available colors: Tan, Black, Red

Safety, Affordability, and Ease of Use!

All our equipment has been tested and proven by industry professionals around the globe. We strive to maintain the lowest prices without sacrificing strength or reliability.

Fast Shipping!

Orders are usually processed within 24 hours and take 2-4 business days to arrive within the United States. International orders are processed within 72 hours and shipping time varies per country usually arriving within 10-14 business days.

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