Tub and Tile Reglazing Service Maryland

Tub and Tile Reglazing Service Maryland

Are you in need of a tub and tile reglazing for your Nottingham, Maryland home? Reach out to Tub Coaters for tub and tile reglazing and tub and tile refinishing service. Call or visit our website to schedule a tub and tile reglazing appointment.

Quality Bathtub Reglazing in Baltimore, MD
Is your aging bathroom in need of a revamp? Or have you recently purchased a home that has fixer upper potential and need quality solutions for bathroom renovation? Tub Coaters is the leading bathtub refinishing service in Baltimore, MD, offering a full range of services designed to bring life back to your tub. We work with the structures that are already in place to create a functional and beautiful tub.

Why Choose Bathtub Refinishing Services?
Purchasing a brand new tub and having it installed means an extremely high cost when it comes to improving the look of your bathroom. Instead, why not simply breathe new life into your existing tub? Tub Coaters is the expert in restoring bathtubs to clean and sparkling condition, using quality materials to give your tub the shine that you are looking for. This long lasting coating is a big step up from standard fiberglass finishes and will provide lasting protection for your bathroom.

Clawfoot Tub Reglazing in Washington, DC
Clawfoot tubs are designed in an extremely elegant style and can be found in many historical homes. You might be hesitant to replace your clawfoot tub when it no longer functions properly, and we do not blame you. Though it might seem in disrepair, this style of tub is made from a hardy material, known as cast iron, that benefits greatly from reglazing. Strengthen and repair with clawfoot tub refinishing, rather than replace. For all residents of Washington, DC, this is offered by Tub Coaters Bathtub and Tile Refinishing.

Cast Iron Bathtub Refinishing in Washington, DC
Cast iron tubs are another strong bathtub surface that is no longer made, but can be found in many homes across the Capital. Tub Coaters offers cast iron bathtub reglazing in Washington, DC that provides you with the restorative means to add extra life to your tub. Our finishes are perfect for this style, and add strength and durability that cannot be beaten.

Tile and Countertop Refinishing in Baltimore, MD
It is not just your bathtub or tile that can benefit from the refinishing services provided by Tub Coaters Bathtub and Tile Refinishing. In fact, you can gain a new lease on life for your countertops easily by having us apply our strong and glossy finishes. In addition, we also offer tile refinishing in Washington, DC for both bathrooms and countertops that are tiled. This service protects and reseals your tiles and bonds on it in order to ensure that water damage will never be a problem again. We also offer various colors and granite countertop patterns of coatings that will give you the custom look for a fraction of the cost of new granite countertops.

Professional Repair and Refinishing for Any Type of Tub
Whether your bathroom features a standard fiberglass or acrylic tub, or you have made a feature piece with a claw foot or cast iron tub, professional refinishing by Tub Coaters will improve the look and longevity. Our gloss finish is suitable for any original material from which tubs are made, and reinvigorate the tired, old look with a glossy finish. Ask us about our tile and porcelain refinishing services that will improve the look of your grout while protecting underlying structures from potential leaks and water damage.

Enquire Now for Expert Bathtub Repair in Baltimore, MD
Baltimore is a city boasting a wealth of historical homes featuring tubs made from a range of materials. Replacement costs for your tub are far higher than restoring your existing tub with a professional finish. Save time and money with Tub Coaters, and enquire today about options for your tub by calling us at (410) 316-6411.


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