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The Catacombs of Kourend is one of the most compelling dungeons located within the kingdom of Great Kourend.If you like the skill Slayer, which is a much-adored, favourite-skill of many players, you’ll no doubt need to visit the catacombs.Be warned: many of the enemies here come in higher-levelled forms in contrast to the enemies you’ll find across the general game. rs 3 gold

This guide will explain how you can enter the dungeon/its location, the various areas, and the monsters you can encounter. After reading this guide, you can proudly declare yourself as an expert of the Catacombs of Kourend!

How to get there

Getting to the Catacombs isn’t anything like getting to most other locations in the game. There are actually various entrances that you can utilize to access the dungeon. To be precise, there are 5 entrances. Four of these are alternative entrances, with one main entrance, that must be used for the first time you enter.

The main entrance that must be accessed first is in the dead centre of Kourend, next to the King Rada statue in the square.

To get to the King Rada statue, as always, you’ll have multiple choices. If you’ve never been to Kourend, go to Port Sarim, speak to Veos: he’ll take you to Port Piscarilius. From there, it’s a short run to the centre of Great Kourend.

For those who prefer faster options to the King Rada statue, the by-far fastest is using the Xeric’s Heart teleport from a Xeric’s talisman. You can get yourself a Xeric’s talisman as a 1/250 drop from lizardmen, shamans, and brutes. A more fun way is going to a Player-Owned-House party-world, where a host will have a teleport to Kourend available through a Portal Nexus. You can also use the Kourend Castle teleport spell, but that requires level 69 Magic and having already read transportation incantations.

If it’s so easy to get to the main entrance, why bother with using the alternative entrances? The reason is that you have to traverse the dungeon from the main entrance, as you’re placed in the centre. By using strategic teleport options such as Xeric’s talisman, you can get to where you need much faster. For example, if you use the entrance near the much-adored sand crabs’ area of Kourend, you’ll end up in the south-side of the dungeon.

To unlock these alternative entrances, you must climb the vines upwards from the dungeon. These vines are highlighted by a blue-arrow icon on your minimap. Here’s a list of the alternative entrances, for your convenience (to be referred to alongside the above picture):

· North-east, Greater demons.

· North-west, Brutal black dragons.

· West, Deviant spectres.

· South, King sand crabs (located north-east of the Woodcutting guild)

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