Aerial Pole / Aerial Chinese Pole. Equipment for professional aerial performance.

Aerial Pole / Aerial Chinese Pole. Equipment for professional aerial performance.

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The Aerial Pole is a different version of Chinese pole that is conceived to be used mostly in the air. It can also be used and rigged onto the ground, but it's shorter( 16' only at full lenght ) and of smaller diameter.


Fully collapsable into 4 pieces that can be taken in the plane The pole can be used in 2,3 or 4 parts, making a pole of 8, 12 or 16' long ( 2m44, 3m65, 4.9m ) Comes with the required Engineer approval for theather and insurane. Vulcanised rubber covering for the idea pole gip( Pole Dance 'Chrome' finish also available ) / The Rubber is cooked onto the pole. This is the best quality you can get as covering goes. Includes a bottom standing base ( you can stand at the bottom of the pole and it also serves as an extra bottom weight. Comes with

Allen key for assembly  Ready to use, you only need to rig it somewhere! Instruction manual on how to rig it, prepare it and maintain it  

Technical specifications( English measures )

Size( ENG )

16 foot pole, that can be used as a 8', 12" and 16  foot version at any time Grip Size - 2.1" 4 sections  

Technical specifications( Metric measures )

Size( METRIC )

4.9 m pole, that can be used as a 2m44, 3m65 or 4m90 version at any time Grip Size: 53 mm 4 sections  

Options( Metric )

Other grip sizes are possible. Contact us for a custom quote We can also make the "Chrome Finish" version without rubber on it. Please contact us for a custom quote.    Material

Steel pole, Neoprene Rubber Covering, Galavanised steel hoist ring and foam for the base plate/pad.

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