Spring Board / Teeterboard. Equipment for professional circus performance.

Spring Board / Teeterboard. Equipment for professional circus performance.

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It's all about having the right stiffness... My model is 10 foot( 2m95) long so it can be sent with the new Air Cargo restrictions. Wooden plank. Because of the nature of wood, no teeterboard is like it's sibling, but my skills allow me to test drive them before delivery, so I can adjust them. Works very well as a Springboard also if you add a rising base. New ajustable base is also offered and soon standard!


We can produce springboard(single jump) and Korean Plank(continous jumping) , but our teeterboards can acutally do both without modifications. made from the best wood and to the right specs for you weight.  There are never planks that are the same, this is why we will test it beforehand, so no costly adjustement necessary later.

We can make them soft or hard, as you prefer. We make them with a special adjustable base, and for Korean Planks, a suction mecanism  that keeps it from moving on the ground.

Order to Delivery: Allow 6 weeks



Made from a very precise wood essence for flexibility yet durability Fiberglass covered end to prevent splintering and cracking. Pivot on Ball Bearings Totally collapsable base to save in transportation/air cargo fees 1" thick mat to cover the board for security and smoothness. Adjustable base height to adapt to any size of mats, or no mats Rounded base to allow for mats to reach almost the pivot, increased stability and security Optionnal suction cups for extra stability.  

Technical specifications


18" large - That's larger than most models, which allows for some more error margin on bad jumps( even if we know you never make errors.. :O)  ) 10 foot long. Long enough for a good reation time and forgiveness, yet can still be shipped in the new Air Cargo regulations. Adjustable height, so your never wrong and can always adjust to your favorite angle!!! Adjustable height allows you to rent different size of mats on location to reduce fees when going overseas. Material

Special hardwood essence for the board, fiberglass for the ends, steel pivot, all aluminium base. Options

'tarp material' cover for good looks Suction cups for use without mats or increased stability( works only on smooth surfaces like Marble, Marleys, Dance floors and such )

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