Artists-duo `lePapillon`

Artists-duo `lePapillon`

Hello  We are  Julia and Denis - “Duo Le Papillon” - circus and variety artists . Ours work experience: circus, variety, theaters, Gala-events and Cruise ships (England, France, Russia, Germany, Quwait, Italy, Czech Repablic, China, Hong-Kong, Japan, South Korea,South Africa)

Yulia Russian Ballet Academi.Participated in performans of «Russian ballet» troupe V.Gordeev.Started circus- carier as a dancer in a famous horseshow in Russia.Later became one of the main characters dansing and making acrobatic tricks on the horses and started to work aerial act.



Denis The Yroslavl State Pedagogical University.Scool of the higher sports skill on acrobatics.The master of sports of the international class.The Champion of Russia,the prise-winner of Cup of Russia,the winner of international tournaments:Cup of Saxony,Stars under Bug,Yroslav Mudrii.Worked russian bar troupe,hand voltige,stilts in the ring,aerial act.


Our program includes 3 different acts.  1. Duo aerial silks with trapeze “Passion tango”  This stylish aerial-silks-act combines the elegance and physical strength. Dangerous falls and great aerial partner  tricks that underlined by perfectly fitting tango-music. This all make the audience to hold their breath from beginning to end.  2. Duo aerial act “Dreams of love” Nice and lyric music, elegance costumes, the number full of flights and grace what makes this act spectacular. 3. Solo Hula-Hoop act The act combines original modern style of performance, full of temperament and emotions.

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