Erectile Dysfunction Treatments and Remedies

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments and Remedies

Erection problems caused by alcohol abuse

Alcohol can increase the chances of liver cancer, it can alter brain chemistry, it can also spread to every membrane and tissue as well as to biological cells. Alcohol penetrates and destroys the brain-blood barrier essential to prevent the entry of toxins. If it enters the bloodstream, it allows chemical toxins to flood and alter the cerebrospinal fluid. Despite its dangers, the limited use of alcohol remains the most widely used substance for enhancing sex; instead, the abuse harms him. According to recent studies, erectile dysfunction can affect as many as 50% of men with alcohol-induced cirrhosis. Men who abuse alcohol have typical symptoms, including:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Lack of concentration
  • Poor memory
  • Anxiety
  • Dizziness
  • Sleep disturbances or poor sleep quality

Pathological process of alcohol-induced erectile dysfunction

An erection is a sophisticated set of chemicals that work in unison to pump and keep blood inside the penis. The nervous system dilates and relaxes the blood vessels; nitric oxide stimulates the penis for erection, while the power of testosterone increases desire. Alcohol manages to decrease nitric oxide production while inducing conversion of testosterone to estrogen; the increased conversion of testosterone to estrogen occurs due to an inflammation of the liver that releases the aromatase enzyme, which elevates the conversion rate of testosterone to estrogen. Meanwhile, an increase in the level of testosterone to estrogen will stimulate the pituitary gland to release prolactin, minimizing oxytocin. . Fildena 100mg ,Super P Force also treat ED problems in men’s health

Prolactin helps counteract the effects of dopamine. If prolactin release is high, it prevents dopamine from doing its job: producing arousal. If, on the other hand, the release of prolactin is minimal, oxytocin and testosterone lead to impotence

Side effects of long-term alcohol abuse

Alcohol abuse alters the action of neurotransmitters in synapses, allowing potassium chloride and neurons to lead to memory loss and amnesia. When liver damage occurs, the body experiences dopamine and acetylcholine distortion, which results in slow reaction times, blurred vision, and loss of muscle coordination.

If you experience weak erections or loss of erection in the middle of intercourse due to alcohol abuse, steps need to be Fildena 50 taken to treat impotence.

Natural remedies for alcohol impotence

When alcohol starts to damage erection quality ...

You had a long day at work, to relax you said yes to a glass of wine; your "once a week" has turned into a three days a week experience, one glass becomes two glasses and two glasses become four. What starts as a small habit turns into a much bigger problem.

More persistent problems prevent the body from absorbing the correct nutrients and essential vitamins; continuous alcohol intake also causes delirium, cardiac arrhythmias and liver cirrhosis which lead to difficult detoxification of the body.

Excessive alcohol consumption can cause weak erections and lead men to be unable to maintain an erection during intercourse.

What to do in erection problems caused by alcohol abuse:

  • Restore and repair damaged erectile tissues
  • Eliminate toxins through bile or urine
  • Improve the quality of erections
  • Help emulsify the fats that aid the pancreas in digestion
  • Protect the liver from congestion and inflammation
  • Create an ideal environment for the gut.

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