wow classic gold for sale with Up to 8% off Code HEN8 for World of Warcraft Shadowlands Launch

wow classic gold for sale with Up to 8% off Code HEN8 for World of Warcraft Shadowlands Launch

World of Warcraft's latest expansion 'Shadowlands' is officially launching on November 23. It was originally set to launch in October, but was delayed because of business interruptions from the Coronavirus. The game is officially launching at 3PM PST on November 23. The pre-launch event, Scourge Invasions, begin on November 10th which builds up the storyline for Shadowlands. The first Shadowlands raid, Castle Nathria, launches on December 8th. wow classic gold

World of Warcraft continues to perform well during the Coronavirus pandemic, as more people are spending time at home playing video games. Activision Blizzard reported that World of Warcraft's engagement is at its highlest level at this stage head of an expansion release in a decade, with presales "well ahead of any prior expansion".

world of warcraft necrolord maldraxxus bannerWorld of Warcraft players can now try out the new Legendary crafting system in the latest Shadowlands beta build. Here’s how it works:To craft Legendary gear, players will need a special base item from either Blacksmiths, Leatherworkers, Tailors, or Jewelcrafters, along with the Memory of the Runecarver Legendary Recipe, some Soul Ash, and two different stat scrolls from the Inscription profession.

The base item and the amount of Soul Ash needed will depend on the desired level of the item being crafted. Once players have everything they need, they can then take the required items to the Runecarver in Torghast to craft their Legendary item.

In addition to the new Legendary crafting system, a zombie plague has also taken over the major cities in the Shadowlands beta test. As part of the Scourge Invasion event, infected players will turn into ghouls and will have a short time to find the Argent Healer before they turn into actual zombies. According to Game Designer Jeremy Feasel, players can turn into zombies via NPCs for a couple of hours at a time, but they can opt to keep the “zombie train” rolling through player actions.

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