Duo Elegant Show

Duo Elegant Show

Veselka and Nedialko , professional performers of various attractive special acts.

My name is Veselka and I am from Bulgaria.

Since 13 years I have been employed in the circus and show business,as professional performer of atractive and flexible acrobatic acts.

I had the pleasure to be a part of programs of the most famous circuses and varieties,vessels,television shows and galas all over the world.

During my long acrobatic performing life I had the opportunity to perform for a wide variety of nationalities -Germans,Americans,Dutch, Belgians and many more.

I can communicate well in English, Italian and Russian.


We had a pleasure to perform ours acts for the most famous circuses, passenger ships, international festivals, gala nights, television shows and special events all over the world.

Each of ours acts are between 5 and 7 min. long, made in for all kind of audience.


Acrobatic Doll Show

Cube Act

Hand to Hand Show

Glow Poi Show

Hula Hoop Act


Contact info:

Bulgaria Europe

e-mail:    veselka6@abv.bg

e-mail:    veselka6@yahoo.com

home:    00359 299 72 870

mobile:    00359 888 22 00 53


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