Merry Christmas! RS07 Gold with Up to 10$ off on RS3gold for you to Enjoy this Holiday

Merry Christmas! RS07 Gold with Up to 10$ off on RS3gold for you to Enjoy this Holiday

Earlier this year we presented Tempoross to you, our first iteration of the Fishing Skill Boss. Since then we've made some changes based on your feedback, and are excited to share more about this angry sea spirit once again! We're talking about this well ahead of release to give us plenty of chance to react to any feedback you have - so please let us know what you think using the links found below! runescape gold

ATTENTION ALL SKILLED FISHERMEN: We, The Spirit Anglers, need your help!

Seafarers have for many generations told chilling tales of the very ocean itself coming to life. Such stories speak of waters amassing into colossal shifting forms that whip the waves into a raging storm. Perhaps you have heard talk of a vengeful Spirit of the Sea wantonly attacking sailors unprovoked? Or maybe you have heard, as some believe, that this Spirit is simply a guardian of the oceans, intent merely on fending off those who are disrespectful of its waters and wildlife?

Whatever the reason, talk of this Spirit is indeed correct. This is no mere story but in fact the work of Tempoross, the Spirit of the Sea. Much remains unknown, but our research thus far suggests the Spirit could be as old as Gielinor itself. And crucially, after lying dormant for centuries, it has finally awoken.

We of course seek to understand the reasons behind its sudden resurgence, but there are also more pressing concerns. The Spirit is coalescing once again, causing intense storms that make crossing its path a perilous task. As such, The Spirit Anglers have been formed to investigate, whilst keeping it subdued to quell the storm and allow safe passage.

We need your help! Join us and save the seas!

Tempoross Overview

Tempoross is an all new, fun and sociable way to train Fishing. Available to all members with at least level 35 Fishing, we're aiming to create an accessible, social Fishing Skill encounter that offers an alternative to the current hands-off levelling methods. With this in mind, our intentions for this boss were:

Scalable and accessible

It should support group sizes from 1 to 40+. Higher level, experienced players shouldn't feel hindered by lower level players and these lower level and/or new players should still feel useful to their team. 10HP accounts, level 3s and HCIM should be able to participate without risk. There should be a risk of failing the encounter if players aren't pulling their weight. Existing Fishing methods have a lot of downtime, so Tempoross should be a faster experience. It should, however, still be grindable without being exhausting. However, this is an alternative to existing Fishing methods and the current meta, not a replacement: The boss shouldn't give the best XP and best fish rates. We don't want to stop everyone from Fishing around Gielinor as that adds life and character to the world! Rewards should compliment traditional Fishing.

XP rates would scale based on your Fishing level. We expect that levels 35-70 would offer some of the best Fishing XP available in the game, albeit at the cost of receiving fewer fish - and being more intensive. Here's a breakdown of the approximate experience rates you should expect:

35 Fishing - 30k XP per hour 70 Fishing - 70k XP per hour 99 Fishing - 80k XP per hour

Note: The above experience rates are approximations to give a better understanding of how Tempoross would compare to existing content. They are not exact and are subject to change based on testing, balancing and player feedback.

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