Victor Dorr

Victor Dorr

  • 30.12.2020
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Address: Plot No 371, Udyog Vihar Industrial Area Phase VI, Sector 37
Website address:

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Delivering a piece of your self-expression.

Doesn’t the feel of wearing something unique lead to a deeper sense of bond with it? Personalization and exclusivity are the most valued luxury. Victor Dorr bestows you the chance to embrace individuality in a new light with the freedom to design the leather jacket you wear.

The Indian leather Industry produces the finest quality leather but exports the majority of it to Europe and North America. Jai Malhotra, a veteran in the leather industry envisioned to let our generation personalize their leather jackets like never before. By providing you with basic designs carefully picked by NIFT alumnus and allowing your creativity to express your personality, we take “giving a personal touch” to the next level.

With components sourced exclusively from various parts of India such as leather from Rajasthan, zips from Tamil Nadu, colors from Delhi; Victor Dorr promotes the MAKE IN INDIA narrative and reestablishes pride in Indian industry.

The brand’s mission lies in familiarizing Indians with exclusive leather garments that axis around leather jacket customization as per your fancy and delivering a piece of your self-expression.

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