Tech Adaptika Solutions Inc.

Tech Adaptika Solutions Inc.

  • 19.03.2021
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Address: 3 Lower Jarvis St Toronto, ON M5E 3Y5 Canada
Phone: [after registration]
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Are you thinking about hosting asynchronous classes? Ensure that your participants enjoy the benefits of asynchronous learning with our LiVe Virtual Campus. Equipped with the best communication tools and cutting-edge features, our platform will help you deliver immersive learning experiences.

The LiVE Virtual Campus design has been tested with over 3,000 users across Canada, USA, and France. Today it is in use by over 30 district school boards. The design and navigation are simple for any experienced or inexperienced user. Tech Adaptika helps you design and deliver your curriculum online.

Join an immersive online world. Connect learners with their peers, trainers, professionals and professors in real-time. Offer synchronous, asynchronous or hybrid courses, and connect members to a lifelong community of global learners and networkers.

The rise of artificial intelligence and automation is creating immense demand for professional development and retraining. More than ever, professionals must go back to school or get retrained by their employer. Today, the biggest barrier of online learning is isolation. If not carefully designed, an online program could lead to a lack of engagement and high drop-out rates.



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