Aroma House Ireland

Aroma House Ireland

Shop the best handmade aromatherapy products from in Ireland. We have an extensive collection of handmade aromatherapy products including, essentials oils, Himalayan salt lamp, oil burners, wax melt, and more. Visit our site for more details.

We are passionate about the natural aroma product, handmade with love, care and quality. We believe in healthier and safer environment, with no toxics and plastics, we offer to our customers shop Handmade aromatherapy Product in Ireland for body care and home products: pure essential oils massage oil blends, natural soy wax candles, hand crafted soaps, home reed diffusers, made from natural oils with luxury fragrance oil touch.  Let us to inspire your home!

We are specialized in home scents and body care cosmetic products, made up of small but long years trusted producers. Our handmade products consist pure and natural certificated ingredients, further no toxics or other hidden terrible stuff. Our aroma products are safe for everyday use. Even all family members can use it as these products are so creative and crafted with a passion.

AROMA HOUSE- is the family owned business.  We have started it with an idea to offer to our customer’s quality and stylish home aroma accessories.  Discover our luxury collection of aroma diffusers, fragrance lamps and scented candles.  Make a perfect gift for someone who is really special and enjoy aroma! We believe in healthy and safe environment, that’s why we only trust the product, which has been made with quality, love and care.

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