Brooklyn Bridge - Designer Accessories for Dogs | Finn + Me

Brooklyn Bridge - Designer Accessories for Dogs | Finn + Me

Shop luxe accessories for your dogs from our Brooklyn Bridge Collection. The collection of blue and orange inspired by the sun rising over the Brooklyn Bridge.

finn + me designs gorgeous, high-quality accessories for our best friends with four feet. The brand, which is thoughtfully curated and based on current trends, was launched in 2017 by Rebecca Fadden and is named as an homage to her sweet labradoodle and best friend, Finn.

Finn + me was born on the concept of unique friendships. After working in the fashion industry in New York City for many years, Rebecca traveled to Southeast Asia where she met Ruby, a young Vietnamese woman who owns a leather workshop and collaborates with talented artisans to create custom leather goods. Ruby and Rebecca felt an immediate kinship and while the two come from opposite sides of the world with very different experiences, they realized that they had similar interests and visions. Inspired by Ruby’s work ethic, kindness, philanthropy, and the special bond they developed, Rebecca decided to set out on her own venture, which eventually became finn + me.

It is her hope that when people use finn + me products they will be reminded that special friendships truly can be found in some of the most unexpected places.

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