Benefits of selling diabetic test strips

Benefits of selling diabetic test strips

Whether you have unused diabetic lancets and test strips and want to sell them for cash or want to help someone who isn’t able to purchase costly medicines, then Rescue Test Strips is the perfect platform. Based in North Richland Hills, Texas, it’s a legally licensed business that’s focused towards helping people who can’t afford the expensive diabetic test strips, lancets, other medical supplies, etc. They purchase your used, unexpired and undamaged diabetic supplies and you can send it to them by shipping to their office address or simply get the supplies picked up. For more details, you can visit their website at and sell diabetic test strips hassle-free.

Rescue Test Strips is a legally licensed BUSINESS based in North Richland Hills, Texas. The company initially started serving the Las Vegas, NV community and has expanded nation wide to offer the best prices for your diabetic test strps.

As our company grows, we are continuously listening to and reaching out to offer services that are unique to our customers’ requirements.

We have added additional services including the Quick Diabetic Supplies Cash Calculator to calculate pricing for all items you sell us (test strips, lancets, lancing pens and glucose meters).

The facts are still true that many private individuals cannot afford the ever increasing costs of diabetic test strips, lancets and other related medical supplies – this is where we help.

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