Soul Quest

Soul Quest

Debjani Ghosh is a certified life coach, Akashic reader and personal growth mentor help individuals achieve personal goals and boost self-confidence. Contact now!

If you are here, that means you’re a seeker of exciting and realistic journeys, searching possibly for answers, clarity, direction, freedom, self-confidence and mostly YOURSELF.

After having a 21+ years of hectic corporate life and professional accolades, one day I noticed the roller coaster ride I chose for myself which had all the thrills but really no genuine achievement or happiness that would last forever.

Out of curiosity I took up my 1st course in hypnosis, the entire mission being to realize Who I AM , and then my journey began where i started unraveling all the layers within my personality and how it was possible to de-code the faulty patterns of thought and action which of course reflected in my relationships, my finances and my health.

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